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Registered Office:  Corso Matteotti, 44 - 10121 TORINO (TO) Italy

Operating Venue:  Via  delle Cartiere n.24 - 10072 CASELLE TORINESE (TO)

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Our production is divided in a wide variety of black and colored compounds for molding, both injection, both by compression, of any technical article, intended for the most varied sectors of the market among which Nautical, Agricultural, Earth movers, Auto racing, Automotive, Transportation, Vintage car, Military, Sports /Fitness and the new Pharmaceutical Division.

The laboratory carries out many research activities, development and study of its compounds and /or of the Customers to meet the various needs of market, we produce respecting the environment and investing in environmental sustainability projects.

Present and Future, the Evolution of RGM


The Process comes from the Extraction of Rubber



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